scheduled for 11 May, 11:30 AM

Making RPA conversational with NLP

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Day 1 | Beginning at 11:30AM

RPA has digitized the back office and Automation Anywhere has been the leading software provider for improving operational performance through back office process automation. With customer satisfaction at stake, the next frontier is automating the conversations that often start a business process. But automating these nuanced business interactions presents unique challenges. Automation Anywhere has solved these challenges for its customers by partnering with, the leading conversational AI software provider, which gives IQ Bot the power of intent and entity recognition and makes it easy to integrate voice and text conversations into end-to-end business processes. In this presentation, you will learn:

-       What conversational AI is and how it enhances the value of RPA
-       How natural language processing (NLP) works and the role it plays in IQ Bot

-       Why conversational AI is the next critical capability for digital transformation and what to look for in a technology partner


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