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Hyperautomation: Self-Improving Bots

Micah Smith

Director, Developer Evangelism, Automation Anywhere

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Tech Track

Day 3 | Beginning at 10:00AM

Hyperautomation has become a bit of a buzzword in the RPA space. But what is Hyperautomation and how can it be applied to real RPA use cases? In this session, we’ll take a look at an already effective automation, and understand how the use of AARI + Machine Learning in a process enables true Hyperautomation for a self-improving bot.

To download the demos from this session and set up your environment, check out the Developer Portal Tech Track Resources

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About the Presenter

Micah Smith

Director, Developer Evangelism, Automation Anywhere

Micah Smith is a developer evangelist and lover of all things automation. His background is in Robotic Process Automation, document imaging, and optical character recognition, with a specialized focus in financial services and government sectors.