scheduled for 12 May, 11:30 AM

Hyper-automation: Reality or Hyperreality?

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Day 2 | Beginning at 11:30AM

With increasing competitiveness and digitalization, your business must unlock as many automation opportunities as possible. It’s time now to prepare your organization to cut through the hype of automation. By using hyper-automation to integrate a broad range of leading intelligent automation technologies, you can assist your employees with digital workers that mimic human actions, communication (verbal and written), vision, learning, thinking, and making experience-based decisions.

Since the pandemic, automation initiatives are most important for many industries. Cutting wasteful spending and driving revenue growth are significant drivers of accelerating automation imperatives. We will share our experience of using the power of hyper-automation to make an impact of automation on your organization through our example of transforming Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in the Healthcare industry. More than three-quarters of healthcare providers have shown interest in improving this $100+ Billion RCM industry’s efficiency.

The heightened need to optimize costs and scarce resources during the coronavirus pandemic has increased intelligent automation adoption in many industries. With this example, we will get you started with a complete automation cycle – from uncovering automation opportunities to measuring the ROI, achieved by enabling zero-touch, straight-through processing in your industry.


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