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Fast Tracking RPA During a Pandemic: A Government Services Success Story

Luke Keenan

Automation Lead, IT​, City of Seattle

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Customer Showcase

Day 1 | Beginning at 11:15AM

Discover how the City of Seattle scaled their intelligent automation program from brand-new to enterprise-scale with the Automation 360 platform, providing important services when they needed them most.

About the Presenter

Luke Keenan

Automation Lead, IT​, City of Seattle

Automation Lead, IT, City of Seattle

1.5 years with City of Seattle

Built RPA program from ground-up – from vendor selection to 95,000+ hour bot capacity with 60+ Bots in Production

5 years RPA experience overall

Started with BlackRock Financial Management

Experience with the top RPA vendors

Deployed RPA across finance, IT and government services use cases